Discover the Natural Beauty of Martha’s Vineyard on These Top Hiking Trails

Martha’s Vineyard is a stunning island known for its scenic beauty and diverse landscapes. It offers a fantastic array of hiking trails, each leading to breathtaking views and hidden gems that showcase the island’s natural beauty. Whether you are an avid hiker or a novice, there is something for everyone to enjoy on these top hiking trails.

1. Menemsha Hills Reservation

This trail takes you through 211 acres of breathtaking scenery, offering stunning panoramic views of the Vineyard Sound and Elizabeth Islands. The trail leads through vast woodlands, past vibrant wildflowers, and over rocky coastal cliffs. The hike culminates in a breathtaking view of the sun setting over the sea.

2. Aquinnah Cliffs

This trail features some of the most scenic views on the island, including the famous Gay Head Cliffs. The trail stretches for nearly two miles along the shoreline, providing stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the coastline that stretches as far as the eye can see.

3. Cedar Tree Neck Wildlife Sanctuary

This trail takes you through a stunning open deer field to the stunning Lagoon Pond, where you can relax in the wooded area near the lake or take a dip in the refreshing water. The open meadows with tall grasses and wildflowers offer some of the best migratory bird watching opportunities around. In the evening, the sky’s color reflects on the pond creating a perfect photo opportunity.

4. Long Point Wildlife Refuge

Located at the southwestern end of the island is the Long Point Wildlife Refuge, which boasts marshes, freshwater ponds, and coastal vegetation and is a great spot for bird watching. The trail offers hikers the opportunity to view wildlife, including white-tailed deer, red fox, and various bird species. The trail leads to a secluded beach where you can enjoy the waves and surf.

5. Manuel F. Correllus State Forest

Located inland, this hiking trail offers wooded paths with endless nature viewing and a good respite from the beaches. You will find miles of trails through the forested area with plenty of open clearings ideal for taking a break or enjoying a picnic. The scenery is stunning with giant oak trees, shady maple trees and white pines, and wetlands teeming with life and birdsong.

Martha’s Vineyard offers an excellent range of hiking trails, each with its own distinct charm, and these five trails are among the best. Whether you are looking to see stunning coastal cliffs, remote and secluded beaches, or simply enjoy a relaxing hike through the forest or meadows, Martha’s Vineyard has something to offer everyone. So, go ahead and experience the stunning natural beauty of Martha’s Vineyard on these top hiking trails.

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