Can you hike in blundstones

Blundstones footwear is designed for everyday use and long-term wear

This simple description has been followed by the legendary boot manufacturer since the mid-1800s, but should they be used for hiking?

Can you hike in Blundstones? It is not recommended to hike in Blundstone boots since they are not designed as hiking boots. When hiking, it is recommended to wear boots that provide a lot of ankle support and durability.

What’s Good

  • For the price, this is a great product
  • Overall quality is decent
  • Classic looks never go out of style
  • No laces
  • There is no fatigue associated with ankle elastic

What’s Not Good

  • (Hard to resole) Not Goodyear-welted
  • The level of comfort is average
  • Insoles will need to be replaced over time.

In terms of durability, are Blundstones worth it?

The longevity of Blundstones makes them worth the money.

Blundstone was one of the very few outsourced brands that retained quality control despite moving production from Tasmania to Asia 10 years ago. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Dr. Martens!)

The pair I own has been going strong for over 6 years. It was recommended to me by an Aussie friend in Africa who wore them for years.

I owned Dr. Martens before Blundstones, but Doc Martens betrayed my loyalty by outsourcing their production and subsequently flushing their reputation and quality down the drain.

Despite all the reckless abuse I’ve put on my Blundstones, the leather uppers have lasted quite a while. The soles show remarkably little wear for the amount of use they’ve had, despite chipping ice with the toe, kicking tires, pushing 2x4s, and weathering the mud, salt, and slush of many Canadian winters. The tread on these Blunnies wasn’t particularly deep when I bought them. I find the tread life of these shoes most impressive.

It’s true that you can get a more durable boot than Blundstones, but you’d also need to spend at least $100 more. Therefore, Blundstones are definitely worth the money considering the longevity they provide.

Hiking In Blundstones

According to their website, Blundstones boots are different from other boots in the following ways:

According to hiking forums and hikers I’ve spoken to, Blundstones tend to cause the following problems.

  • There is little to no ankle support
  • Moving feet in boots can cause blisters
  • There is no breathing in the feet
  • There is a shady reputation for quality
  • Don’t hike in elastic-sided boots
  • It’s convenient to wear laceless shoes, but they don’t secure your feet well enough for hills

This quote summarizes all of the above problems.

They were never made as hiking boots. But they still make a damn good work boot.

For easy and short hikes, Blundstones should be fine, even though many people have had bad experiences with them.

While they are great boots, they would not work well if you were hiking mountains with steep, rocky trails.

Here are some tips for hiking in Blundstones

You can reduce any problems you may encounter on the trail if you decide to wear your Blundstones on a hike.

  • Break in your boots before using them
  • Identify the correct Blundstone size
  • Fit your feet into the boots and make sure they are tight
  • Make sure your hiking socks are comfortable and go above your ankles
  • Simple and short hikes are best

After wearing your Blundstones out for a day of hiking, here are some tips for cleaning them!

Are they Comfortable, shoes?

In my opinion, Blundstones aren’t the most comfortable shoes out there. I wouldn’t go out and buy them right away.

I had to keep asking myself for a long time if I had missed something. Blundstones feel about the same underfoot as Dr. Martins does. Good…but nothing to write home about.

To each their own, I suppose, but I wouldn’t recommend buying Blundstones purely for high comfort.

I’m due for another set of factory insoles. To make sure you’re comfortable, make sure you have comfy insoles.

The best Blundstone boots for hiking

In terms of hiking in Blundstones, the following models meet the criteria best:

Blundstone Original

blundstone original

All Blundstone shoes are based on the Original #500 series, a unisex, versatile, and durable shoe.

Because of their rugged all-season design, we give them a solid rating as hiking shoes. It features:

  • Leather with a thickness of 2.5mm that is water-resistant
  • Durable heel panel with double-stitched edges
  • Breathable unlined garment
  • For rough terrain, TPU outsole enhances traction
  • Cushioned midsole and ergonomic toe spring provide comfort
  • Easy-to-wear pull tabs
  • Absorbs up to 90% of shocks

Blundstone Thermal

Blundstone Thermal

I’ve personally tested the Blundstone Thermal boot, and it keeps me warm and dry during the winter. It goes well with winter leggings as well.

  • Featuring Thinsulate insulation and a waterproof lining
  • The removable footbed is made from genuine sheepskin; this ensures warm toes
  • An outsole made of TPU ensures traction on iced surfaces
  • A thick midsole and a shock-absorbing heel system reduce shock
  • A lightweight and durable design

For additional fit and comfort, we recommend the lace-up boots version of both the Original and Thermal series.

Blundstone Active

Blundstone Active

Are you looking for outdoor clothing that lasts longer?

A lightweight and breathable fit is prioritized in the Active series.

  • Made up with Water-resistant nubuck leather
  • Rubber inserts on the sole protection against the elements
  • Designed for every terrain, the EVA outsole is both supportive and flexible
  • Maintain healthy feet with anti-microbial lining and airflow system
  • Flexibility is enhanced by feather flex technology
  • For additional support and stability, a steel shank is added

Blundstones: Are They Worth It For The Style Factor?

In a sense, yes, but I’m also annoyed by it!

It’s not worth spending extra on expensive clothing just for the style points, but if that item is durable and has a timeless style, then it’s worth it.

There’s no doubt that Blundstones were created to be hard-working, utilitarian boots, but I believe attention-hungry hipsters invented the rolled-up skinny jeans look just to show off their “legit” Blundstone tags.

What makes Blundstones worth it to me? Why do I say yes?

The classic style of Blundstones will outlast the current trendiness, so yes, Blundstones are definitely worth it…regardless of what the latest trends are.


Despite many people having negative experiences hiking in Blundstones, they may be suitable for light hikes. Because these boots are not specifically designed for hiking, they lack some key features.

Look for boots that offer better ankle support, stability, and durability, and wear waterproof shoes or follow this guide on waterproofing Blundstones if you plan on hiking in rough terrain.

Frequently asked questions

Are Blundstones okay for hiking?

In flat terrain, Blundstones work well, but they are not ideal for strenuous hiking in steep, rocky terrain. You won’t get much ankle support hiking in Blundstones because they don’t have laces, and they’re not very breathable, so your feet might get a bit sweaty as you hike.

Are Blundstone shoes good for walking?

The Blundstone boots for women and men offer a perfect blend of practicality, comfort, and style. Easy to put on and built to last, these boots are perfect for any season or condition.

Is Blundstones good for the outdoors?

Blundstone casual boots are known for their classic Chelsea look as well as for being comfortable and durable. With their slip-resistant outsole, our new arrivals and our outdoor boots make excellent hunting boots, snow boots, rain boots, and winter boots.

Will Blundstones get ruined in the rain?

Because of their stylish design, Blundstones can be worn no matter what the weather is like.

How long do Blundstone boots last?

2 to 5 years

It is estimated that Blundstone boots can last between two and five years when worn every day and with good maintenance practices.

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