Can i bring hiking pole on plane

We, hikers, have a question on our mind, can I bring hiking pole on plane? If we want to go hiking somewhere, we just load our packs and go. Other than good footwear and some basic clothing, we don’t need a lot of stuff. In fact, if we want to travel somewhere for a hiking vacation, and we’re efficient, we can pack everything we need for the trip in a single bag or backpack and carry it on the plane. You can have difficulty carrying hiking poles on a plane if you’re not familiar with them.

It has been challenging for hikers who fly to carry hiking poles since 9/11. Although hiking poles are supposed to be off limits, the Transportation Security Administration of the United States can see them as a gray area. TSA does not allow trekking poles to be carried in as carry-on luggage, but we have some tips on how to travel with them.

A ski pole or hiking pole is not allowed as a carry-on item, but a walking cane is, as long as it has not been concealed with prohibited items.

From our experience, here are two successful tips:

1. Contact your local airport’s TSA officials.

The officials at three different airports allowed us to carry hiking poles in their assembled form on the plane in all cases. However, there are two caveats. Generally, small, rural airports that border vacation destinations allow items that aren’t permitted in larger urban airports. They are used to people traveling with sporting equipment.

 Your itinerary also needs to be considered. It doesn’t mean the security personnel in another, the bigger city will let you carry on your poles just because your local airport allowed you to do so. If you have to go through security in another city or country while changing flights, you might run into problems when flying directly within your home country.

2. You should disassemble your poles before storing them in your pack.

In our experience, we have had success using this option. As it turns out, security personnel aren’t concerned with the pointy tip of the trekking pole, but rather with how you pull the sections apart so that they look like small tubes rather than a long collapsible unit. The take-home point: break down your poles, so they can be examined easily! Black Diamond trekking poles are our favorite. 

Here, you’ll find a wide selection.

Ultimately, it’s up to TSA whether you can travel with your hiking poles via carry-on luggage. Whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint rests with the TSA officer. We hope this article was helpful to you and that you enjoy your trip!

Is there a reason they are not allowed in a carry-on?

Basically, these are pole objects like baseball bats, snow poles, hockey sticks, and other similar items. Due to their ability to be used to attack someone onboard the plane, they are restricted and will be confiscated if they aren’t medically necessary. They will be confiscated if brought through on carrying on.

These items have been proposed for return to carry-on luggage. While these proposals were intended to allow many previously forbidden items to be carried through security on domestic flights (ski poles, hockey and Lacrosse sticks, pocket knives), they have never been implemented.

We’re being protected from ourselves by the TSA, and trekking poles are being banned.

What is the TSA site’s listing for it?

You can find the official listing for hiking poles on the TSA website for hiking poles is here. Since they are the basic shape and size of a baton and have sharp metal points under the plastic caps, they could be considered weapons.

There are restrictions in many other countries

Due to numerous thru-hikers and travelers who fly into the country to hike longer distances, the TSA’s issues are fairly well known in the United States, but it is important to note that this issue occurs overseas as well. It is good form to contact the airline and understand what is acceptable before you arrive at the airport, as Spain and England both have similar restrictions regarding what can be brought onto the plane.

The Best Way To Get Gear To The End Of Your Trip

  • Checked Luggage – You can take these poles with you in checked luggage, but many airlines charge an exorbitant amount per bag.
  • Ship Ahead to Post – You can have your bag delivered to a post office or hostel so you can pick it up once you arrive.

Is there anything else that is questionable?

It is important to check with your airline for their specific restrictions on backpacking equipment as the TSA has a blog post that specifically covers many of the common backpacking equipment. Despite the fact that it is from 2015, it is still listed and is the only one on their site that deals with backpacking equipment, making it still important to make sure that you are adequately protected.

Final Thoughts on can I bring hiking Poles on the Plane

It is well worth your time to figure out how to carry your hiking poles before you get to the airport if you intend to fly through the United States. The TSA has been known to confiscate very liberally.

In order to avoid issues, you should check your backpack and hiking poles together if you have a free checked bag. However, if this isn’t in the cards, you might want to just ship them ahead and save some money because the shipping costs are typically much lower than the cost of a checked bag.

It’s important to know what’s allowed when it comes to bringing trekking poles or hiking poles on airplanes, so you don’t end up having to buy new gear if yours get confiscated, so I hope this helped shed some light on it. I’d like to know if you’ve been able to bring them on board with you inside the United States in a carry-on bag.

Frequently asked questions

Can you check hiking poles in luggage?

As stated in their posted rules and regulations for carry-on luggage, the TSA does not allow hiking poles in carry-on luggage. However, hiking poles are allowed in checked luggage.

How do you travel with walking poles?

I have done this several times, and have never had a problem putting them back together again. If they don’t collapse enough to fit in your suitcase, you can unscrew them at the joints and place them in the bottom.

Can a walking stick be taken on a plane?

A walking cane can be brought on board an airplane if you need it for assistance and mobility. The TSA will allow walking canes, walking sticks, and other devices such as walking chairs that are needed for personal use and safety.

Can I take hiking sticks on a plane Europe?

As checked baggage, you can bring walking poles with you. If you carry them separately, they count as one bag.

Can you take Nordic walking sticks to a plane?

Unless the hiking stick/pole is being used as a mobility aid (i.e. instead of a cane), hiking sticks/poles (i.e. Nordic walking equipment) are not permitted through the security checkpoint.

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