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Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs If you want to go hiking in the winter, you also have to know where to go hiking during this time of the year.

Due to the fact that it is time when snow falls, and when there are a number of great sites and animals you won’t see during the summer and fall seasons, you have to know where to go to truly experience it all.

So, if you are new to winter camping, or if you are just looking for a new site to visit, then these are the top 20 winter hiking trails in the U.S. to consider hiking.

list of The Top 20 Winter Hiking Trails in the US

Below is the list of top 20 best winter hiking trails in the US:

1. Pisgah National Forest, NC – 

Known as the “land of waterfalls,” you can see many falls due to the fact that it isn’t so cold in the region during Winter. Hundreds of miles of single track trails are a nice bonus for those who love scenic views.

2. Appalachian Trail, NC – 

Running 259 miles through the mountains of NC, the trail also runs through the edge of GA, and TN.

3. Kennesaw Mountain National Park, GA – 

It is both challenging and rewarding. Given the fact that it may also be a place where snow falls and wild animals come out, those who love nature will love this trail.

4. Appalachian Trail, MD – 

Running 41 miles through Maryland the trail crosses WV and PA. Scenic views, along with uphill challenges are great for thrill seekers.

5. Sleeping Bear Dunes, MI – 

The lakeshore freezes over, and you can walk 100 miles of private trails here. It is maintained for cross country skiing during the winter season as well.

6. Garden of the Gods, CO – 

The numerous trails are paved for tourists to enjoy, and it is among the most beautiful trails ever visited. A win win for those who love camping.

7. Daniel Boone Scout Trail, NC – 

Ropes and ladders help you reach the summit of the challenging trail. A few stores and tourist attractions along the way make it a great trail to visit.

8. Barr Trail, CO – 

A 7800 incline along the 13 mile trail is a must see for those who want to see snowfalling. And, it has dedicated slopes for winter activities and sports.

9. Great Smoky Mt, NC – 

With various parks and trails, gorgeous views, snowfall, and various stops along the way, it is a must visit during the winter season.

10. Alum Cave Bluff, TN – 

A total 5 mile hike is quite challenging with the dip in the state’s sea levels. It does offer nice views, and snowfall is a given during the middle of the winter.

11. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, MI – 

With 73000 acres along Lake Superior, you will love the scenic views during the winter season.

12. Burgess Falls, TN – 

Part of a 164 acre state park, there are various waterfalls to see, and scenic views along the one mile trail. And, with potential for snowfall, it is also a great place to visit during the colder winter months.

13. Mushroom Rock, AL – 

The little rock canyon features several trails to go along the trail. Primitive camping sites, along with cooler temperatures are a great way to enjoy the colder season.

14. Columbine, CO – 

About 350 ft away from Helen’s Falls, you will love the views during the winter. The waterfalls, the frozen water ways, and designated spot for winter sports make it a must visit for outdoor enthusiasts.

15. Turkey Run State Park, IN – 

Aged forests and sandstone ravines are among the views you will appreciate on this trail. With hiking being the prominent activity, there is also skiing and snow fishing available during the winter months for the visitors.

16. Vedauwoo, WY – 

With 20 miles of hiking trails through WY, it is a fine site for those who have never been to the region during the winter season. With the changing leaves, colorful landscape, and darker nights, you are bound to enjoy the hiking trail you will come across during the time of the year.

17. Pyramid Point, MI – 

The moderate 2.7 mile hike isn’t the challenge. But the lake effect, the snow, and the colder region are among a few of the challenges you will face when visiting this spot during the winter season. It overlooks Manitou Islands and Lake Michigan, both of which are going to provide spectacular views and backdrops for those who love the outdoors, the weather, and the scenic views when they go camping and hiking.

18. Laurel Ridge Trail, GA – 

The trail can be accessed from a number of locations. And, although it doesn’t get as cold as some of the regions up north do, there are still times of the year when the temperatures fall well below freezing points. So, if you like nature, scenic views, and a challenging hike through state parks, this is one to visit in GA.

19. Cummins Falls, TN – 

Located in Blackburn Fork State Scenic River, the name tells it all to visitors. It is a 211 acre park, providing a large facility for those who love winter sports and the snow. It also features TN’s eight largest waterfall, which is a nice sight to see with frozen over icicles and distinct animals which you won’t see during the rest of the year at the park.

20. Natural Tunnel State Park, VA – 

The park features a total of eight different hiking trails for visitors to choose from, or can experience each of the eight trails individually. With Lover’s Leap, Boardwalk, and a few other unique trails, there is something for every outdoor enthusiast to enjoy during the winter. And, the warm, quaint cabins you can rent out during the season, makes for a nice winter background as well, for those who want the full fledged experience.

Regardless of where you live, or wish to travel, there are a number of great hiking trails to visit, in many regions of the US. Whether you want the cold, the snow and cold, or a combination of these and other elements, these are a few parks to consider visiting, when you are trying to find the top rated parks and hiking trails, and must see destinations to visit, during the colder winter months of the year.

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