Best 8 Person Tents For Camping 2022

Do you have a big family? If yes, then follow this article we explain the best 8-person tent it would be helpful for you to plan a trip with your big loving family.

The most important thing while having a trip is a proper and protective shelter if you are staying. The shelter selection should be very genuine. And for the best 8-person tent, your investment is big, so your selection should be very keen.

Nowadays, camping has become very common so everybody wants to have a trip at least once a year with their families.

When the shelter problem is sorted, you would find the trip more happening and fun, and relaxed also.

I have picked 7 top-rated 8-person tents which will make your large group trip amazing. The selection is based on my research and the selection is totally based on good quality, affordability, and much more.

Scroll down to get more details.

1: Springbar Highline Canvas Best 8 Person Tents

Top Pick

Springbar Highline Canvas Best 8 Person Tents

Highline Canvas Best 8-Person Tents

This professional looking 8 person tent is best for car-camping, families, DIY glampers, and outfitters alike.
Highline 8 is very easy to set up. If I can say that it is exceptionally spacious so it would not be a lie because it is enough for 8 people.

You can easily pitch this tent anywhere with the help of the flex and tension of steel spring rods.

Another main feature of Highline 8 is its resistance to bad weather. It is the most reliable tent in all harsh weather. So, you don’t have to think about the strong winds before camping.

Those who are looking for 8 people tents definitely want some more space, because you don’t want to adjust your 8 people in 6 Person Tents. That is why Highline 8 offers you a spacious tent with a great roomy interior.

It is equipped with a tightly woven 100% cotton duck canvas finished for water repellency and ant- mildew which means you can camp this tent in rainy areas as well.

Highline 8 is watertight in heavy rain, peaceful and quiet in strong winds. It has large doors and windows. Ventilation is also great in Springbar.

 Springbar Highline Canvas Best 8 Person Tents

It is 84 pounds heavy with a manageable kit which makes it easy to carry and transport.

It is a totally ststormproofent.


  • Highline 8 is a spacious tent for 8 person.
  • It has a roomy interior.
  • Pitching it anywhere is easy.
  • Satisfying zippers.
  • Pleasing tent colors.


  • Sewing of the tent from the inside should be better.

2: Tahoe Gear Padrio 8 person tent

Best Choice

Tahoe Gear Padrio 8 person tent

Tahoe Gear Padrio 8-person tent

Here comes the one, Tahoe tent built to last. There is two rooms configuration in this 13X9 foot 8-person tent.
You all know that nowadays everything is technology-based, so here we have a tent Tahoe Padrio 8 with fast-pitch technology which helps you to set up the tent hardly in seconds.

It comes with an outer coating that ensures that the inner side of your tent will remain dry. It is a good option for your outdoor trip as it protects you from the rain so you will stay dry inside it.

For nature-loving dudes Padrio 8 offers large windows which are the source of sunlight, you can read in peace and enjoy the sunlight under the cover. It sounds so relaxing.

A total of two rooms are there in this tent but the good part is that there is a partition between these rooms.

 Tahoe Gear Padrio 8 person tent

It is equipped with a 1000 mm waterproof coating. This is a perfect option for larger group camping.

Construction of tent matters really, you don’t have to worry because it has great construction. You would find it roomy as well.

It is not a typical heavy tent because it is easy to handle Padrio. It has an amazing Sleeping Bag and you will be surprised to see how well it packs back into its sack.

It comes with a screen room which is not at all sturdy and easy to put together.


  • The best option for larger groups.
  • Performs well on rainy days.
  • It offers a well-constructed structure.
  • It is a roomy camping tent.
  • The set up of Padrio is very easy and quick.
  • The screen room is also available.
  • Ventilation and sunlight can be enjoyed inside the tent.


  • Sipper gets stuck sometimes.
  • Sleep quality needs to be improved.

3: NTK Colorado GT tent for 8 person

Top Pick

NTK Colorado GT tent for 8 person

NTK Colorado GT tent for 8 person

If you are looking for a tent that gets assembled easily, so do check out this one, and you won’t regret reading it.
Colorado has the capacity to fit your whole family inside it. It is a one-door camp with a lot of space.

It has a floor size of 10ftX12ft which is great and 6ft height for maximum comfort so the people within this range of height can be so comfortable in Colorado.

It comes with a free two in one LED lantern and torch in which the battery is included. It offers a double-layer full-coverage rain fly.

High-quality material is used for this tent which includes 100 % waterproof 190T polyester laminated with polyurethane.

The full-layer rain fly gives full coverage on every four sides and the heat-steamed thermoplastic coating offers UV protection so that you can enjoy nature without any harm.

There is a large two-way zipper on the inner side of this tent and a D-style door with full mosquito mesh protection; yes, you are safe from mosquito bites inside Colorado.

Roomy utility pocket for storage and ventilated mesh proof is also provided by Colorado.

NTK Colorado GT tent for 8 person

Extra gear storage area is also provided with the extended area on the front and back which is included in good points of Colorado.

The floor material of Colorado is anti-fungus which prevents leakage and keeps you dry and protected at the same time.


  • Enough floor area for 8 people.
  • An ideal height is provided by Colorado.
  • It is equipped with free LED light and a torch.
  • Zippers are large enough.
  • The floor material is anti-fungus.
  • Setting the tent up is also easy.
  • The ventilation system is also great.


  • The only thing that needs improvement is the stakes.

4: Kodiak Canvas 8 person Tent

Top Pick

Kodiak Canvas 8 person Tent

 Kodiak Canvas 8 person Tent

Unlike the other tents, it is not a freestanding tent so you have to stake it properly anywhere you want to camp it.
Stakes are very important while pitching it because it comes with two legs and poles. It will not work on frozen terrain, so be careful before you get it staked.

The material used in Kodiak canvas tent is good and makes the tent breathable also which makes the atmosphere cool, it would be a perfect selection for warm and dry weather conditions.

No, if you are looking for a tent suitable for all-season so yes Kodiak canvas is a good option still because it is also a waterproof tent that helps you to enjoy the rain without even getting wet.

This is a well-constructed tent that offers 6.6ft in height with two doors and four windows in which two are on door and two separate windows.

 Kodiak Canvas 8 person Tent

The windows of the tent are fully private and protected with a double-layered zipper panel and mesh.

It comes with an awning and poles which help to extend the area of the tent further.

The floor area is 140 square ft. which is enough declared area for 8 people of normal height. 

Although, it is a lightweight tent 35.5 kg still you cannot take it along because of so much steel and cotton it has which makes it heavy and difficult to be carried.

As I have mentioned above the fabric used is breathable and mesh is on all windows also there are two vents at the sides in case you want to close the panels on the windows. They are mesh and zipper, so you can easily close them if you feel cold.

Cross ventilation is also satisfying in a tent.


  • Kodiak Canvas is a breathable tent.
  • Strong vinyl floor.
  • Steel frame with a flex-bow roof.
  • Remove-able gear loft.
  • 100% canvas tent


  • Not affordable for everyone.
  • A bit heavy tent.

5: Giga Tent 8 person family tent

Top Pick

Giga Tent 8 person family tent

Giga Tent 8 person family tent

A tent has 3 rooms, isn’t it sound amazing? Yes, GigaTent Mt Craylock 8-10 Sleeper Family Dome Tent has 3 rooms in it.
It has a cabin-style structure, which means that it is also suitable for tall people because they can fit and walk inside the tent very easily. The peak height is 84 inches.

This is a freestanding tent with 6 legs and poles, but it really needs to be staked properly. The roof protection is done by the partial coverage fly, which lets you enjoy the unobstructed view around you.

The declared capacity of this reasonable 8-person tent is 8 t0 10 people. The floor area is 150 square meters.

You can adjust your ten members inside the tent, but it will get congested, so it is better to have a comfortable trip with only 8 people in this tent.

If your trip is planned for summer, then Giga Tent 8 is the best eight-person tent for you. Because it is a summer camping tent, with a lot of mesh and good enough height, so a tall tent also.

There are so many windows and doors in this tent with zippers and mesh, but the structure can’t bear strong winds and heavy rain.

Giga Tent 8 person family tent

It is a heavy tent with 17.46 kg weight. Hence it is not a portable tent. You would not find floor vents in this tent which means that in case of heavy rain you have to close the windows and all.


  • Multiple room tent
  • Dividers are available for privacy
  • Spacious for 8 person 
  • Multiple door and windows
  • Height of the tent is also amazing


  • Not suitable for cold weather
  • There are only a few pockets.

6: Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Top Pick

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Those who are looking for a large summer camping tent should keep reading because Wenzel will fulfill their requirements.
It is a cabin dome-type tent with a floor area of 14.7 square meters with a screen room in it.

It is a livable tent with two rooms in which one is the main room and one is a screen room. A tent is unlike the other tents and it is a non-freestanding tent.

It has a high steep straight wall in the room but usually tall tents are not able to bear strong winds, so as Wenzel is that is why it is only suitable for summer camping.

As it is a non-freestanding tent so the planning to pitch it is required, it should be staked properly to the ground.

It is a lightweight tent with 12.4 kg weight which is reasonable enough wait for 8 men tent but a car is required for transportation.

There is around internal door design which is liked by most of the kids. 

There is a screen room where there is all over mesh but you also have panels so you can zip it in any case of rain so it will be protected from inside.

 Assembling Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

The room is spacious enough but you have expected some more storage elements from this tent but there are not any and very few pockets are there.

The setup of the Wenzel tent is easy and requires only 20 minutes. The airflow inside the tent is also good.


  • The price is reasonable.
  • 2 rooms with enough space.
  • Easy to use as well as easy and quick set up.
  • A good-looking tent.
  • Lightweight tent.
  • Great size for 8 people.


  • Not a freestanding tent.
  • It has a single door.

7: AmazonBasics Tent

Top Pick

AmazonBasics Tent


If you want to invest for your ease than we have a good option for you which is the AmazonBasics tent, it is very easy to set it up.
Unlike the other tents, it is a four-season tent, obviously not suitable for extreme weather but still its welding technology and coated polyester material make it such a durable 8 people tent.

It is a camp made up for adventures which ensures that you will remain warm and dry because it supports all four seasons.

It can easily bear average winds and rain. It also offers a waterproof roof and leakproof seams. You can also use a rain fly in order to protect the tent from the inside if the stakes work great to keep it grounded.

The comfort level, temperature control, and ventilation are amazing in this tent. It offers a built-in cool-air port, yet there is also an adjustable system of ventilation to enjoy natural airflow.

You are worried about your keys, torch, and phones, don’t be because we have storage pockets inside the tents to keep your things safe.

There is also a small net hammock that fits at the top of the tent it is attached with a ring you can drag it down to use its ring for hanging a light.

 AmazonBasics Tent

The floor is not bathtub style but there are all the seams inverted to prevent leaks, the rainfly comes down the tent about three-quarters which makes it a waterproof best 8-person tent.

The door inside the tent is of D shape with all zips and equipped with a small rain-protecting flap which keeps it waterproof. 


  • Price-wise it is a reasonable option.
  • It offers a great size.
  • It comes with a zippered bag.
  • Good quality material.
  • Removable rainfly.
  • Durable enough.


  • Height is short.
  • Less floor area.

Frequently asked question

Should I get a 6 or 8 person tent?

An adult couple and a few children would be comfortable in a dome tent that sleeps six people. An adult couple plus older children should sleep comfortably in a 6-person cabin tent. Tents for eight people are a popular choice for families with multiple children.

What is the best 8-person tent to buy?

Is it more important to use it for camping in dry areas or rainy ones? In colder or warmer weather? Regularly?
Since it fits most uses, the Core Instant Cabin Tent is the best overall 8-person tent to buy.
You can learn more about what makes an excellent tent for eight people by reading “what makes a great tent for eight people” above and by checking out the different tents recommended in this guide.

How big is an 8-person tent?

Large enough for eight adults to sleep side-by-side in sleeping bags.
When you have eight people in the tent, no one will move around, leaving no room for gear. If weight is not an issue for you (going car camping), then get a giant tent that you need: you’ll have room for comfort in the tent, as well as enough room for your gear.

Are tents good in the rain?

The best tents for wet conditions are those with two walls, an outer fly and an inner fly. It is typical for the outer fly to be waterproof, while the inner fly wall is not waterproof but breathable. It allows better air circulation and reduces moisture and condensation buildup inside the tent.


So have you decided which one you will buy for your next trip? If you are finding these expensive because they are spacious obviously so you can check some best 8 person tents.

There are so many options elaborated above to make your selection as easy as possible, if you are running out of time so for a quick review you can just go through the pros and cons for a rough idea, it will also help you in any case.

Some of them are more spacious and some are waterproof tents with string poles that are durable enough. You have many choices, so now it is totally your decision to choose what you prefer.

If you are done with the selection and ready for your trip then all I would say is have fun and make your trip memorable.

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